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Fundraising magic builds a school in rural Kenya!

Jeff has worked with many different organizations and schools to help support and enhance their fundraising efforts.  Contact him for details on how your school can host a no-risk event that is sure to be a big success.  Working with your organizers he can create a custom event that meets your individual needs. 

The process is simple…a meeting with Jeff to gather the necessary information and determine what type of show best meets your needs.  After this we both work together to promote your event.  A few weeks before your event we finalize the details.  If you’re unable to sell a sufficient number of tickets then the event is cancelled at no cost to you. Yes, its just that easy.  You sell the tickets and organize your own concession (A real money maker!) and we provide the show.  It’s just that simple.

The fundraising stage shows feature animated digital projections, sound and theatrical staging elements.   He and his team of internationally acclaimed performers skillfully combines professional production values, world class magic and custom scripting to maximize your fundraising message.  Imagine drawings that come to life, unbelievable sleight of hand and illusions of the mind that just don’t seem possible.

Some other possibilities include:  A bingo game where every student in the audience calls out bingo (or your personalized message) at the exact same time!  How about a custom video where one of your staff, students or Principal is the magical star of the show?!  Whatever your needs are Jeff and his team can design custom experiences around your event fundraising plans that are guaranteed to make your event most magical!

If you’d like to find out more information about his services please don’t hesitate to contact him at:

Jeff Christensen (M. Ed.)

(604) 817-1114